Each and every day local business is done throughout our Great State of Texas and more often than not without much afterthought for the hard work and commitment of the business owners and their employees. Not that the services and products provided to customers and clients aren’t appreciated, but in today’s age of instant online searches and purchases it can easily be lost on us all that right in our own backyards there are individuals and groups hard at work each and every day to start, maintain, and improve their businesses and strive towards the goals they’ve set for them. That hard work and dedication is a story I want to tell.

At the beginning of our own story there wasn’t much clarity on what We AreTX was going to strive to become. I knew that I wanted to work one-on-one with people in a creative endeavor that was both creative and professionally satisfying. I’ve always liked to write and find intrigue in a good story so it seemed natural to couple that with a desire to help local and small business owners find success in their ventures.

An online directory was an idea that I’d latched on to early in the journey but I knew that I wanted the website to be more than just a clone of already established review sites or directories