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    The La Bahia Restaurant has for as long as I can remember been a staple for Mexican Food in Goliad and I think for anyone who’s ever passed up or down Hwy 183 through the town knows of it. Owned by a local family for many years it went into hiatus for a few years but returned to business to much the welcome of the town’s citizens who frequently dine there. To the family who owns and runs it now it is to their great credit that when they re-opened the restaurant it was with a commitment to keep the same menu, service, and atmosphere of the previous years of service.

    I myself in living so close to the restaurant while growing up, and in visiting my parents later in life, have countless times enjoyed their food; my favorites being the crispy chicken tacos with rice and beans and their fajita plate. And ask anyone who’s eaten there and the uniqueness of their salsa will probably be mentioned.

    During my childhood the restaurant served as that easy and convenient dining option my parents could fall back on when wanting a break from dinner at home or a chance for a social engagement. And a memory both my parents and I can share is a waitress who always recollected about a time we ate there when I was quite young. Seems that before I had moved on to more traditional dishes of enchiladas, chalupas, or tacos, I had a liking for their fried chicken and french fries that on one occasion of my ordering happened to set the fire alarm off and create quite the unexpected dining experience. Good food and many dining experiences later it’s nice to know diners still get to enjoy the establishment’s comfort foods of Mexican cuisine or even just a nice plate of fried chicken and fries. Without the fire alarm of course…

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