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    You would think Firefighters, Paramedics, and similar 1st Responders would rest easy on their days off. They sure deserve to do so. But as I’ve learned from watching my own family member over the years work just as hard on days when not on shift, Firefighters and their brethren much in the nature of their character often have an entrepreneurial spirit driving them to own small businesses and work part-time in other industries.


    Unfortunately that’s often done in part to bring extra income into the household and it’s no secret to anyone that one of the great crimes in our society is that we don’t pay such professionals, who put their well-being and lives on the line every day, nearly enough of what they deserve. So it’s a great pleasure when we’re able to help those men and women out there who are working their tails off to keep us safe and out of harms way.


    Texas Grime Dumpster Rental & Disposal Services is a Firefighter owned business local to Odem, Texas and I know from experience in working with Mr. Jasso that there doesn’t seem to be a day when he or his co-workers are taking a day off. Just take a glance at his Facebook page and they’re usually off somewhere in the Odem and Coastal Bend Areas dropping off or picking up one of their large, you definitely can’t miss them, green dumpsters. And to no surprise, especially in our current atmosphere, it’s in fine character for the company to still be out there delivering and picking up their dumpsters with the utmost precaution in mind for the health and well-being of their customers and community.


    If you want great service and a dumpster dropped off and picked up for your Spring cleaning needs without getting near a person, I’m quite sure they can help you. 🙂

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