Free Listings Include: 150 Word Product and Services Description, 1 Photo, Phone Number, Physical Address and Map Pin.

$4.99 Standard Listings Include: Free Listing Features with 300 Word Description, Access to Our Story Post, 2 Weekly Posts, 25 Photos, Email Contact Button, Website and Social Media Links, Special Offers, Linked Events and Posts, Google Analytics for Page View Numbers and Embedded Video.

$9.99 Featured Listings Include: Standard Listing Features with 50 Photos, Displays Red Featured Badge, Placement in Top Featured Image Rotation and Primary Placement in Search Results and Listing Views.

Event & Job Listing Details Free Event Listings Include: 150 Word Description, 3 Photos, Event Website Link and Linked Business.

Free Job Listings Include: Employer Job Listings for up to 90 Days, Candidate Job Application Submission By Email Form, Optional Resume Uploads and Employer and Candidate Notifications.