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Through use of the We Are TX website and directory, you the user agree to be legally bound by the terms set forth in these Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy, and requirements set forth in our About Us page as well as through additional notices, policies, guidelines, or rules published in the future. The terms “We Are TX” or “US” or “We” or “Our” refers to the owner of the directory and website. The term “You” refers to the member(s), subscriber(s), customer(s), user(s), or viewer(s) of the directory or website. We Are TX offers the use of our directory and website in accordance with the Terms of Service laid forth here and on the condition that access and use of the directory and website are used for lawful purposes only and abide by the Terms of Service agreed upon by you the user.


We Are TX by policy respects people of all races, religion, ethnicity, color, national heritage, origin, ability, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Under no circumstances do we allow discrimination based on any of the above characteristics. In addition, no violence, threats, or hatred will be tolerated within our directory or website and any such instances will result in the immediate removal of the user’s access to the directory and associated content.


We Are TX does not share or sell any information provided to it through our website, registration processes, or services to any and all entities. Such information includes user names, website and email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, social media addresses, payment information, and site use activity. View more about our privacy policy here.

Listing Submission Guidelines

The add listing service of our directory is open to all locally owned businesses, organizations and individuals offering services in the State of Texas and which meet the following guidelines:

  • 100 or less employees
  • Cannot be a franchise
  • Locally owned and operated in the State of Texas

Furthermore, all listings must be submitted by the Business Owner or Authorized Associate and must be true and accurate with no false representations.

Periodically listings may be held in a pending status and remain unpublished until a We Are TX team member has completed a review. It is our utmost priority to review submissions in a timely manner and get your listing up as soon as possible. Notification of your submission’s approval will be sent by email upon completion.

We Are TX reserves the right to verify listings through email, phone, or additional means. If any listings are found to be submitted by users who are not the Business Owners or Authorized Associates responsible then the listings will be deleted and the users barred from accessing our services further.

Registered users who do not submit a listing in a timely manner may periodically be removed from our service and must re-register if wishing to submit a listing at a later date.

Reviews & Comments

We Are TX wants our visitors and business owners to connect positively through our reviews and comments feature. Honesty, respect and professionalism are the cornerstones of our communication goals and we wish for all visitors and business owners to share their unique experiences on our site.

Visitors wishing to leave reviews or comments must provide their name and email address before posting.

Reviews and comments must be original, relevant, appropriate, and consistent with our Terms of Service. They should not disclose private information of any business, individual or organization and should not promote any idea, product or service not related to their personal experience with the listing.

All conflicts of interest should be avoided when submitting a review or comment. Users should avoid reviewing their own business or those of close friends, relatives, co-workers, network contacts or competitors.

Reviews and comments will be held in moderation and approved by We Are TX before being displayed live on our site. If any reviews or comments are deemed inappropriate or do not adhere to the guidelines listed above, We Are TX will not approve them and they will not be displayed live on our site.

User Guidelines

User access to our directory is open to all individuals wishing to submit listings, ratings, comments and posts. Users must abide by all Terms of Service, User Guidelines, Privacy Policy details and requirements set forth in our About Us page. We Are TX will review businesses, individuals and organizations to ensure these guidelines are being followed and We Are TX reserves the right to decline memberships to those not meeting the appropriate guidelines or those deemed inappropriate.


We Are TX wishes to maintain a professional and respectful culture throughout our website and reserves the right to review and control all content submitted to our website and directory by members, subscribers or additional users. Additional submissions such as advertising, event and calendar descriptions, photos and listings may be reviewed and revised at our sole discretion.

User Profile Pictures

In our commitment to maintaining a professional business culture and presenting accurate and true profiles of our business listings We Are TX asks that user profile pictures meet the following requirements:

  • A clear and accurate head shot of the user
  • Or a logo or design representing their business or organization

We Are TX reserves the right to reject any profile pictures which do not meet these standards or which we deem not conducive to a professional and courteous online environment.

Additional Listing Types

Free Event Listings and Job Postings are also available to help communities, organizations and businesses promote local events and employment opportunities.

Unapproved Listings

If you are a Business Owner or Authorized Associate responsible for your business or organization and have found a listing that has been falsely submitted by another user we ask that you please inform We Are TX as promptly as possible at so the listing can be either deleted or transferred and its user removed from our site.

Payments and Fees

All payments for paid listings must be completed via credit or debit card and are due from the date of the listing submission. Payments will be processed via a secure and trusted payment processor provider and made to We Are Web Services and its parent company We Are Enterprises LLC. All sales are final.

Renewals & Cancellations

All paid listing packages are set to automatically renew at the end of their selected duration – 1 month, 6 months or 1 year.

If a listing owner wishes to cancel their listing, or change the duration of their subscription, a request for such actions can be sent to and the cancellation or update will be completed as soon as possible.

Intellectual Property

All proprietary information on our directory and website including original text, photos, videos, logos, documents, graphics, animations, designs, blogs, articles, software, services and materials are protected by copyright, trade mark and any additional intellectual property rights of We Are TX.


We Are TX is dedicated to provide the most up-to-date information on our directory and website, but such information is not provided with any guarantee, warranty or endorsement as to its accuracy or completeness (express or implied).

Data Collection

We Are TX does not collect our user’s personal information other than for member usage, billing and payment purposes outlined in the payment section of these terms of service. We do not monitor or collect user information regarding site usage for any purposes related to advertising or providing specialized content on pages you visit and we do not provide member information to any third-party entities.


Your use of our directory or website is entirely at your own risk and to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, we disclaim all warranties, conditions and terms of any kind (express or implied) connected with the directory or website and your use thereof (including as to the satisfaction, quality, compatibility, security, accuracy and fulfillment of purpose from the directory or website).

Governing Laws

These Terms of Service shall be governed by, and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas whose courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute, claim or matter arising under or in connection with these Terms of Service.